Why Let MikeyWriteIt.com
When I began writing at a daily newspaper, I had to pick a computer file name. MIKE  wasn't available. On a whim, I picked  MIKEY.  A newsroom wag piped up:  "Let Mikey write it.  He'll write anything."

I groaned, but as I grew as a writer, I realized that what started out as a joke was pretty much true.

Some people feel comfortable writing only business reports, others ad copy. They dread variety. My view:  Different formats are liberating; there is art, and challenge, in using different types of writing and design to get a message across.

Hire  Michael Blankenheim to write it.  He can write anything for you.

What Michael Blankenheim brings to the table
  • A writer, editor and public relations professional versatile in numerous genres. Easily shifts between the nuances of creating, writing and editing for the printed page, the Web and the human ear.
  • More than 3,000 articles published in newspapers, newsletters and magazines. Expertise includes health, human services, hi-tech, business and government at all levels.
  • Empathetically delivers organizational messages by uniquely merging words and design in fact sheets, publications, articles, Web content, press releases and other outreach efforts.
  • Outstanding Internet skills. Comfortable with Microsoft Office Suite,  desktop publishing and databases. Well versed in computer network and other IT issues. Knowledgeable of HTML coding.
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